Antivirus / Antispam

Antivirus software is one of the most important tools for safeguarding your computer, and the vital information and personal data contained on it. Without antivirus protection your computer may be left completely defenceless against viruses, worms, malware and all manner of cyber attacks.

Is Your Computer Feeling a Little Vulnerable?

Antivirus software is one of the most important tools in protecting your computer and personal information from viruses, worms and malware. When it comes to technology and security, computers are quite similar to houses. Most people would not leave their doors and windows wide open, exposing their residences to complete strangers. Yet, computers are often left open and unsecured, virtually welcoming viruses to sneak in the front door. Just like the locks on your front door - the stronger the better, you should use good quality, reputable antivirus software.

Update your Antivirus Regularly

Remember, your virus protection is only as effective as its last update. New viruses appear all the time. If your antivirus software isn't up to date, the latest viruses or worms can sneak in. Thus, updating your antivirus software’s scanning engine and virus definitions file is a crucial part of keeping your computer safe from viruses and worms. Antivirus software is normally configured to automatically check for antivirus scanner engine and virus definition updates, but it is important that you do not turn this off.

Antivirus software is especially useful for scanning attachments and links within e-mail messages. E-mail offers many opportunities for security problems and should not be considered secure. Malicious web sites can install software on your computer or collect personal information from your computer. Be wary of e-mail attachments and web downloads that you do not know anything about. It is actually very easy for a computer virus to be present in an e-mail from anyone, including your parents, best friends, or colleagues. It is strongly suggested that antivirus software be used to scan anything that you receive in your e-mail.

USB devices are a common cause of virus/malware/worm spread, as they are often used on multiple computers to share information. Also, be aware that mobile phones that connect via USB can carry viruses that will not affect the phone, but as soon as it is plugged into a computer can cause issues.

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