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Site Map

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2Degrees FAQs


AV Services and Equipment

Academic Staff Portfolio Guide

Accessing Gmail

Accessing the HOME share

Add A Youtube Video to Moodle

Add a Mailbox to Outlook

Add an Event / Appointment to a Calendar

Add the 'pac' file to your browser.

Adding a Calendar

Adding a Delegate in Gmail

Adding a Printer

Printing: adding a printer - Tauranga

Aku Mahi

Android Apps

Apple Mac Keychains

Archive my emails?

Audio and Video Duplication


Book & Manage a Zoom Meeting


Calendar Access

Can I book equipment if it's not in the teaching room?

Change Your Email Display Name

Change Management Process

Change Location - Cisco Voicemail

Chrome Remote Desktop

Cisco Voicemail

Cisco Pocket User Guide

Cisco Quick Reference Guide

Cisco User Manual

Cisco Phone Buttons

Clear the Cache on your Computer

Collaboration Tools

Computer Software

Computers and Laptops

Configure Eduroam for Android

Configure Eduroam for Apple OSX

Configure Eduroam for Ubuntu 10.10

Configure Eduroam for Windows 7 & 10

Configure Eduroam for iPad

Configure Eduroam for iPhone and iPod Touch

Configure UOW Students WiFi Access for OSX

Configure UOW Students for Android

Configure UOW Students for Windows

Configure UOW Students for Windows 10

Configure UOW Students for Windows 8 & 8.1

Configure UOW Students for iPad

Configure UOW Students for iPhone and iPod Touch

Connect Your Laptop to the University Network

Connect to UOW Halls Wired Network

Connect to Wireless on Chromebook for Staff & Students

Corel License

Corporate Research Systems

Create a Signature in Gmail

Creating your own Homepage in iWaikato

Customize My Home Page in Moodle


Data Collection and Analysis

Desktop Backup

Desktop Computer Standards

Druva Back-up / Restore a File or Folder

Dymo Label Maker



Eduroam @ The University of Waikato

Email Guidelines

Email Naming Conventions

Enable - Disable Pop Ups




File Backup and Recovery

Find the Name of Your Computer

Finding the MAC Address of Your Computer

Free Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Download

Free Software for Staff and Students


Getting Started With ICT

Gmail - Calendar Issues

Google 2-step Verification

Google Apps

Google Calendar

Google Drive

Google Groups

Google Sites

Google Spanning

Google Talk

Guidelines for Connecting Wireless Devices to the University Network.


Visitor's Guide

Help & FAQs


How To Create a PDF File

How can I access Microsoft Office Help?

How do I cancel / close a Purchase Order?

How do I find who my computer support person is?

How to Find the MAC Address of Your Device


ICT Glossary

ICT User Tools & Services

ICT Data Framework

ICT Security Incident Response Plan

Where can I access IRIS?

Information Security Awareness

Information Security Standards

iOS Apps

iPhone: 2Degrees Hints and Tips

iWaikato Access

iWaikato Apps for Staff


Landesk Self Service Guide

Library Services

Loan Conditions

Loan Equipment

Loan Equipment Policy

Loan Equipment Tutorials

Equipment Loan Policy


Manage Your Spam or Junk Email


Maori Macrons

Map a Network Drive

Microsoft Home Use Program

Why can't I find my Research Publication in IRIS?

Mobile Device Roaming

Mobile Devices & Apps


Moodle Access for Guest Lecturers

Moodle Help for Teaching Staff

MyWaikato Staff

MyWaikato Students



NCSC Advisory CryptoWall Mar 2015


Network & Internet


Office Technologies

Office 365 Installation Guide

Online Phonebook Information

Outlook - Not Sending or Receiving Mail



Password Guidelines

Phone Services

Phonebook Updating


Podcasting - What is a Podcast?

Popping Student Email

Power Saving Guidelines (Desktop Machines)

PowerPoint - Printing Slides

Printers on Campus

Purchase and Finance Manual.pdf



Quick Help for Teaching Room Support

Quick Print/Copy/Scan Instructions


Record Greetings - Cisco Voicemail

Reference Management

Remote Desktop

Research Technologies


SPSS Premium

Samsung Galaxy: 2Degrees Tips and Tricks

Server Hardening Standard

Set Forwarding in Gmail

Set Up Android for Roaming When Travelling

Set Up iPhone for Roaming When Travelling

Setting Default Applications

Setting a Rule / Filter in Gmail

Setting a Vacation / Out of Office Message

Setup Outlook to Use Gmail

Site Map

Smartphones and Tablets


Software, Systems & Applications

Spam Guidelines

Staff Accounts

Staff Email

Staff ID Cards

Staff Printing

Standards & Guidelines

Storage Guidelines for Staff

Student Accounts

Student Centre

Student Computer Labs

Student Email

Student ID Cards

Student Internet

Student Printing

Student UniCash

Synergyse Interactive Training for Google Apps



Taking a Screenshot

Teaching Room Software

Teaching Rooms

Teaching Technologies

Telephone Conference

Terminal Server Log-on for UoW Staff & Students Using BoPP COmputers

Terms of Use for Massive Open Online Courses




Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication FAQ

TV Studio Training Notes


UOW Guest Network


UniMarket - Setup

University Network

UoW Connecting Your Android to Wireless

UoW Gmail for Mobile

UoW Windows Mobile Support manual


UoW Help Sheet

Using Your Phone


VPN Access

Video Conference

Virus Protection Guidelines



What are the rental charges for the desktop phones?

What do I do if I am having trouble with my computer?

Wireless Access for Staff

Wireless Printing

Wireless Setup for iPhone/iPad

Wireless Coverage Map


Zoom - Installation Guide

Zoom - Recording

Zoom Meeting Functions

Zoom Video Conferencing

LD Self Service Log Your Own Ticket

The University has provided a Self Service tool through which you can log your own support tickets (jobs). You can also search for a previously logged ticket to check its status. For urgent jobs you can phone the ITS Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for support.


How To Guides

Your step by step guide to various ICT services.

Help & FAQ's

View FAQs on our available topics.

Standards & Guidelines

View documented standards, guidelines & policies.

ICT Glossary

Site Map