Teaching Technologies

Everything you may need for teaching and learning at the University of Waikato can be found here. Select from a range of teaching tools, software and equipment available that will suit your style of teaching.

Teaching RoomsTeaching Rooms

Teaching Rooms are equipped with computers, data projectors and audio visual equipment to assist with teaching. Support is offered remotely, by phone and a technician can attend for more serious issues.

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Moodle is the centrally supported online teaching and learning platform of the University of Waikato. Staff create an online classroom where students can access paper specific resources and activities.

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Panopto enables University staff and students to capture and deliver audio and video content. This may include lectures, seminars, laboratory sessions or recordings from the desktop or in the field.

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Video ConferenceVideo Conference

A video conference can provide visual, audio and verbal interactivity in real time, enabling you and other participants to act as if you are in the same room. They can be used in Teaching Rooms or for meetings and interviews.

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ZoomZoom Video Conference

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that can be used on a computer, tablet or other device at home, work or anywhere around the world.

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Remote Computer LabsRemote Computer Labs

The Remote Computer Labs allow you to connect from your home computer to physical computers in teaching labs on both the Hamilton and Tauranga campuses.

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The University is committed to upholding the highest degree of academic excellence. It is important that academic work submitted by students conforms to the Assessment Regulations.

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Kuhukuhu Self Service Portal Te Kuhukuhu Rārangi - Log Your Own Request

"Kuhukuhu" is our IT Service Catalogue. You can search for and log your own service requests. You can also view the status of your current requests and see the estimated delivery time for them, provide further information by adding notes or attaching files, and view a full history of all previous requests.
For anything urgent you should phone the Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for assistance.