What is it?

Panopto is the University's solution to enable you to record and deliver audio and video content. This may include lectures, seminars, laboratory sessions or recordings from the desktop or in the field.

When would I use it?

Panopto is used to record lectures in teaching rooms, mini-lectures at your desk or out and about, for documentation and instruction. Content can be recorded using the Panopto recorder on your computer or phone, or you can upload almost any video content recorded elsewhere. Panopto is integrated with Moodle which makes it easy for students to view recordings for their Moodle courses.

How do I access it?

Panopto recordings are made available in Moodle papers normally in a block on the right-hand side or from ''.  Click the recording title to view the session.

There are official iPhone and Android apps for Panopto. Set the Panopto site to '' and when signing in use your Waikato credentials.

Help Files

Introduction to Panopto has clear, concise instructions from creating a folder, moving files, sharing recordings and lots more.

Staff Support

Contact the Service Desk, CeTTL, or log a job in Kuhukuhu. CeTTL also offer a virtual drop-in session 'The AMA' that is run twice a day during the week 9 am - 10 am and 3 pm - 4 pm. CeTTL can also arrange workshops as required.

Kuhukuhu Self Service Portal Te Kuhukuhu Rārangi - Log Your Own Request

"Kuhukuhu" is our IT Service Catalogue. You can search for and log your own service requests. You can also view the status of your current requests and see the estimated delivery time for them, provide further information by adding notes or attaching files, and view a full history of all previous requests.
For anything urgent you should phone the Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for assistance.