Remote Computer Labs

To enable students to access computer labs remotely the University has purchased a product called Horizon by VMware.

This allows you to connect from your home computer to physical computers in teaching labs (running Microsoft Windows) on both the Hamilton and Tauranga campuses.

Computer labs have been grouped together into pools based on the specialist or licenced software installed on them.  Standard software (for example, Microsoft Office) has not been listed, but is available.  A list of pools and specialist software can be found here.

Note: You should only be using this service to access specialist software that you require for the papers you are enrolled in.

Access to pools is based on the paper(s) that you are enrolled in.  If you cannot find the software that you are looking for or believe that you should have access to a different pool, please log a job via Kuhukuhu.

Getting started

1. To use Horizon you must enrol in Duo to protect your University account.  This step only needs to be completed once. If you have already enrolled in Duo please proceed to Step 2.

Enrol in Duo

2. That's it!  Click on the button below and away you go.

Connect to a remote lab computer

Got a question?

Check out our FAQs just in case we've answered it already.

Need more help?

Check out this step by step guide on Using VMware Horizon.

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