Zoom - Web & Video Conferencing

What Is It?

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that unifies video conferencing, online meetings, and collaboration into a single intuitive platform. Zoom's extensive feature set, broad compatibility with desktop and mobile devices. You can use Zoom on a computer, tablet or other device and in some lecture rooms on campus.

When Would I Use It?

Zoom can be used just about anywhere

  • Computers on a network i.e. most New Zealand Universities, Crown Research Institutes, etc
  • Personal computer, tablet and mobile devices connected to the internet anywhere in the world
  • Zoom is perfectly capable of connecting you to meetings from your home, or when you are on the move with your mobile device

How Do I Access It?


A Zoom Host Licence is required before creating a zoom meeting. The host license gives you the ability to use Zoom on multiple devices and video conference tools, such as computers, iPads, and the polycom units in some lecture rooms. The licence will be attached to your @waikato account. The licence is free of charge. You will need to install Zoom first then follow the Single Sign On instructions (on the same page) to obtain your host licence.

This allows the following features and functions:

    • Schedule/Start a Zoom meeting anytime.
    • The ability to invite up to 300 Participants for each Zoom meeting.
    • The ability to mute/un-mute participants in a meetings.
    • Hosts can grant another participant permission to be the host of the meeting
    • You can share your desktop and individual applications with participants
    • Provide a Personal Meeting ID - your own permanent virtual meeting room 24/7.
    • Record and allow the participants to record the meeting to the cloud or to their personal device.
    • The attendee connects using either a Zoom client (see here) or with video conference equipment

How do I get more information?

Participant / Attendee

Participants are invited by the host of the meeting. A host can invite up to 300 different participants in one meeting. These could be overseas students or colleagues within the university, external users and/or staff members in the Tauranga campus. Participants do not need a Waikato username to be invited, the host will only need to know a participant's email address.

To participate in a Zoom meeting you will need to install the Zoom client (similar to Scopia or Skype) or use the web version. A Participant does not require a host license.

Email invitations

When invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting by a host the participant will receive a calendar booking invite similar to the example below. The participants accept this invite and a calendar booking will be created. When the meeting has started the participants can join.

email invite

Installing the Zoom Client

The Zoom client application is required for Zoom meetings, much like Skype, Scopia and other Video conferencing solutions.

Please Note

  • If you are using a computer that is within a corporate environment you do not need administrator privileges to install the Zoom client.
  • The Zoom client is a user profile installation which means it will not appear on the computer under another person's login. Each user will have to download it for their own login.

Zoom - Installation Guide

Manage & Book a Zoom Meeting


Zoom has the function of recording a meeting, similar to the Panopto recording in the lecturers rooms. There are different options and methods on how a recording is managed. Both the host and participants have the option of recording a meeting.

Zoom - Recording

Screen Sharing & Remote Control

During a meeting you can share your screen and applications with participants.

Zoom Meeting - Functions & Settings (for info on using plug-ins for your calendar or browser)


If the information you require is not included above or on any of the linked pages please log a ticket to the ITS Service Desk (see below)

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