ICT Training and Development

ICT provide onsite and online learning opportunities for a variety of software that is work and productivity based, the library provides training for research based material and the  Centre for Tertiary Teaching and Learning (CETTL) provides eTut support and training based around best pedogeological use of technology, software and other tools available for lecturers and teachers while teaching.

Key Sites for New Staff

New Staff

Organisational Development and Wellness will invite you to an Introductory Session for New Staff.  Their website is a treasure trove of information.

Health & Safety Module - as a University of Waikato employee, it is your duty to comply with the University's Health & Safety Module

Security Module - as a University of Waikato employee, you need to recognise phishing, spam and other cyber attacks, this training module takes 20 minutes to give you an understanding of the key types of attacks and how to defend against them.


Uniaccess - Your administrator sets your account up in Uniaccess and you can request access or update your account there too.

Aku Mahi - Manage your leave, deductions and other HR requirements in Aku Mahi  and review the help files here

Software & Applications

Moodle - this is the learning platform, help can be found at ICT and CeTTL

Panopto - this is the video platform, help can be found at ICT and CeTTL

Zoom - this is the video conferencing tool, help can be found at ICT and CeTTL

Paper Outlines - view the How To Guides in the right hand column within Paper Outlines

Kuhukuhu Self Service Portal Te Kuhukuhu Rārangi - Log Your Own Request

"Kuhukuhu" is our IT Service Catalogue. You can search for and log your own service requests. You can also view the status of your current requests and see the estimated delivery time for them, provide further information by adding notes or attaching files, and view a full history of all previous requests.
For anything urgent you should phone the Service Desk: ext 4008 (838 4008) for assistance.