A History of the Laws of War: Vol 2

A history of the laws of war: Volume 2

The customs and laws of war with regards to civilians in times of conflict.

This book, A History of the Laws of War: The Customs and Laws of War With Regards to Civilians in Times of Conflict, is volume two of my three Volume collection on the History of the Laws of War. Whilst the first volume looks at Combatants, and the third at Arms Control, the second examines Civilians. I am currently completing the two remaining volumes (IV and V on causes of war). The first three volumes which took over a decade to complete, cover all of the practices and policies in the area of humanitarian law, over a 5,000 year history and how they have evolved into law. This type of scholarship, in this area, using primary sources from the Bible to the Security Council, is entirely unique and ground-breaking. Four seperate reviews in 2011 of this work classified it as, 'a great achievement… a must read.. [which is] comprehensive and comprehensible … authoritative and accessible’; 'monumental ... vital... indispensable'; 'astonishing…and extraordinary;' and 'of great value'.


These three slim volumes are a labour of love. They are the result of prodigious research into the history of many wars fought from ancient times.It is a work that is easy to read because it is written with great clarity and personal idealism. It will remain an important resource for researchers in this field of the law.
M. Sornarajah, Singapore Journal of Legal Studies

The wealth of materials compiled and reviewed by Alexander Gillespie for the purpose of this book is breath-taking and one can suspect that Alexander Gillespie's books will become the mandatory starting point for anyone wishing to study the history of the laws of war in the future.
Vincent Roobaert, NATO Legal Gazette, Issue 27

...libraries and professors who focus on the many elements of the [law of war] would be wise to have all three volumes at hand. Together, they provide a vivid, detailed, and especially readable account of the [law of war]. This set is destined to be described by all holders as a richly adorned, and affordable, research treasure trove.
American Society of International Law Newsletter, Issue #43

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