Waikato Asian Law Student Association (ALSA)

Who we are

The Waikato University Asian Law Students’ Association is a society dedicated to providing a network of support in educational, cultural and social opportunities for Asian law students at Te Piringa - Faculty of Law. Established in April 2021, ALSA already has over 70 members across the Faculty and has organised and run several events to further our mission in supporting Asian law students at the University of Waikato.

What we do

One of our main objectives is to ensure that Asian students have guidance and support throughout their journey through Te Piringa - Faculty of Law. To further this mission ALSA hosts a range of social and academic events including, our coveted Industry Mentor Programme, Graduate and Lawyer Panel events and a multitude of Mixers throughout the year to ensure all our students can socialise and de-stress from the daily turbulence of law school.

How to reach us

Our friendly team is available all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays at N.3.03 in the Law building. You can flick us an email at [email protected] or you can reach us on our socials:

Instagram: @alsawaikato
Facebook: Waikato Asian Law Student Association

How you can find out about our events

All our events will be posted on our social media so give us a 'follow' and a 'like' to keep up to date with all things ALSA.