Finding Data

Data Repositories

Research data from other researchers is available in Data Repositories where people have chosen to share this.

Most public data libraries are listed in the Registry of Research Data Repositories. It gives an overview of existing international repositories. It is searchable by broad subjects, and results can be filtered by e.g. keywords, repository type, and data access.

Other useful examples of repositories are ZenodoDataverseFigshare and data.govt.nzDataONE allows you to search across multiple repositories for environmental data.

See our Research Data Management page for suggestions of how to manage your own data and examples of other repositories.

Finding New Zealand Statistics

For New Zealand statistics, see our New Zealand Statistics subject portal; databases and resources are listed under Key Resources.

Need help?

  • For assistance, reach out to the Open Research Team at [email protected].
  • For additional resources, explore our Express Research Workshops, a collection of online, self-paced tutorials that complement our regular Research Workshops, covering various topics.