Managing your Literature

The more literature you collect, the more important it is to organise it efficiently. For a shorter project it is relatively easy to keep track of relevant readings, but as you work on longer projects you need to create systems to manage your readings and keep a running record of key aspects of the material you find and read. Manual reference management processes include assigning consistent, meaningful file names to all readings and ensuring that you reference direct quotes and paraphrased ideas fully as you write.

Managing your References with EndNote

There are a number of citation management software packages that can help you to store and manage your references.

The University of Waikato Library supports EndNote and the software is free for currently enrolled students and staff (Download EndNote here). If you need further EndNote help please contact Te Puna Ako (CeTTL) by emailing [email protected] or you can book a consultation.

Analysing your Literature

NVivo is a qualitative analysis software that can also be used to assist you in analysing your literature. NVivo can help you identify common themes, topics or patterns within your literature. The Library offers an NVivo for Literature Review workshop aimed at beginner NVivo users.

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