What is Publons?

Publons is a website and online network for researchers to gain recognition for the important role of peer review and editorial. It allows you to track, verify and showcase both peer review and editorial contributions for academic journals. Publons is owned by Clarivate Analytics and is free for individual researchers to use. It is also now the platform for Web of Science Researcher IDs.

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Benefits of having a Publons account

Publons features of Publons can have various advantages at different stages of your research career:

  • As an early career researcher completing the Publons Academy online course will give you practice reviewing, and creating a profile can assist in promoting yourself as a reviewer in your field
  • Publons gives you an opportunity to seek reviewing opportunities in your field and get feedback on open reviews
  • Demonstrate previously hidden peer reviewing workloads to your managers for the purpose of promotion applications
  • If you sit on editorial boards for journals, Publons provides verification of these relationships

Link your Publons account to your ORCID

After you create a Publons account you can link it to your ORCID profile to record your peer review activity. Linking Publons and ORCID allows you to automatically export verified Peer Review activity to ORCID, and import publication records from ORCID to Publons.

ORCID Implementation - ORCID

Publons Academy

Publons Academy is a free online course that gives early-career researchers practical experience writing reviews that are assessed by their mentor or supervisor.

Publons Academy - Publons

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