University of Waikato Research Profiles


IRIS (Integrated Research Information System) is the University's internal system that manages all staff research publications and research activities, though some bibliographic data from IRIS feeds into public staff profiles. IRIS will email you when it finds new publications in online databases that match the search terms that you have set up.

  • You can ensure that IRIS captures as much of your work as possible by making sure you have added name variants and also linked any identifiers you have, such as ORCID, Scopus ID or Researcher ID. The Library Teaching and Learning Team can help with this: email [email protected] or Request a consultation.

You can also use IRIS to add your work to Research Commons, thereby making it Open Access.

While this is an internal system for recording all academic staff research activities for PBRF and promotion rounds you can easily export your publications and activities as a CV in Word or PDF format. To do this from within IRIS, select Menu > CV and Reports (under the Build tab) or see the help guide for more information.

University of Waikato Staff Profiles

Your Staff Profile page ranks well in internet search engines and it is important to have this profile up to date. Staff can showcase academic work, publications, teaching and supervisions, research topics and interests, and display files such as CVs and photos.

The Experts File was decommissioned in 2016 so this information will no longer automatically appear on your profile. You can now update your “Expertise” on the Keywords tab when you are editing your profile. To have your name appear under your chosen categories in the experts listings, make sure you have selected the corresponding categories on the Keywords tab of your profile.

You can choose whether you want to manually add research publications, or display the most recent 5 verified publications in IRIS. You can also select whether you would like all publication types, or just particular types e.g. journal articles and books. If there are publications in IRIS which you do not wish to display on your Staff Profile, you can mark these as hidden in IRIS (these publications will still be visible within IRIS for reporting purposes). Please keep in mind that if you choose to manually enter publications then it is important to keep them regularly updated.

There is flexibility with how you choose to set up your Staff Profile page and the sections you include; some examples include Paul Flanagan and Andreea Calude.

For assistance with your Staff Profile see the Staff Profile Documentation or contact your Faculty research admin staff for assistance.

Need help?

  • For assistance, reach out to the Open Research Team at [email protected].
  • For additional resources, explore our Express Research Workshops, a collection of online, self-paced tutorials that complement our regular Research Workshops, covering various topics.