Research Data Management Planning

What is Research Data Management?

Research Data Management concerns the handling of research data throughout the research lifecycle, from its collection through to storage and potentially reuse.

The what, why and how of data management planning, Research Data Netherlands

Planning the Management of your Research Data

Here are some examples of questions to think about during the research planning stage:

  • Where will you store your research data and in what formats?
  • How will your research datasets be described?
  • Who will have access to your research data?
  • Could you share your research data for re-use by others and if so, what considerations would need to be addressed?
  • Who will ensure your research data is stored, protected and backed up appropriately?

For more example questions and answers, see Twenty Questions for Research Data Management from the University of Kassel.

To find out more, see the Managing your Research Data page or attend a library workshop.

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