10 Ways to Boost the Impact of Your Research


Be strategic about choosing keywords and titles

Think carefully when choosing keywords and titles. Remember that your research will generally appear higher in search results where a keyword is used multiple times, especially in the title and abstract.


  • A good title:
  • Typically 10-12 words long
  • Concise
  • Differentiates from other, similar papers
  • Contains keywords
  • Avoids lesser-known acronyms or jargon
  • Predicts the content of the research
  • Reflects the tone of the research
  • Conforms to publication/discipline norms or guidelines


  • Consider controlled/common vocabulary if relevant
  • Conform to publication guidelines
  • Repeat keywords used in title if guidelines allow this
  • Choose keywords commonly used in your field
  • Analyse search results for ideas


  • Repeat keywords
  • Keep to the word limit
  • Sufficiently representative of the whole document to be read standalone
  • Don't include ambiguous references or insignificant detail