10 Ways to Boost the Impact of Your Research


Make sure all your profiles are correct and linked

Check that your name, affiliation and publications are correct in all databases (IRIS, Scopus, Google Scholar etc). Link profiles and add additional identifiers wherever possible

  • Create account & make it public
  • Add name variations
  • Add or import publications
  • Add ORCID URL to email signature
  • Link to IRIS*
  • Add keywords
  • Link to website or your other profiles
  • Display ID on other profiles, submissions
  • Enable auto updates from Researcher ID etc
  • Download your unique QR code
  • Add email, bio, employment
  • Add education & qualifications
  • Add membership, service, funding and distinctions
  • Check for publications
  • Claim any unassigned publications
  • Check affiliation*
  • Add name variations and merge profiles if necessary
  • View potential matches
  • Add Scopus ID in IRIS*
  • Add preferred name
  • Authorise ORCID integration
Publons + ResearcherID
  • Check and add or import publications
  • Check affiliation*
  • Add peer reviews (either automatically or by sending reveiw receipts to [email protected])
  • View potential publication matches
  • Add Researcher ID in IRIS*
  • Add researcher fields
  • Add a brief biography
  • Authorise ORCID integration
  • Link to Publons from your other profiles
  • Use ResearcherID Badge on your blog or website
Google Scholar
  • Create account
  • Check & claim auto added publications
  • Add a photo
  • Make your profile public
  • Manually add missing publications
  • Add areas of interest
  • Add website or other profiles
    Add co-authors
  • 'Follow' your articles, citations, recommended
  • 'Follow' other peoples articles, citations etc
*staff only
For more examples download the full checklist.