Ebooks Guide

The Library now has over 100,000 ebooks, some of which can be downloaded to e-readers or other handheld devices. Most ebooks are made available through the Library under licenses which limit the number of pages you can print and the amount of text you can copy to paste into another document.

We have a variety of ebook platforms. Access, downloading and printing is dependent on the Library’s licence agreements with individual providers.

Finding Ebooks

Our main ebook provider is Ebook Central, however, we have individual titles and smaller collections from many publishers and commercial suppliers.

Access via Ebook Central

The Library has created an assortment of video guides for specific help accessing and using ebooks on Ebook Central.

Access via Library Search

You can limit your search for ebooks by using Library Search - just enter your search terms in the box below and it will run a search for ebooks only.

Using Ebooks

The mechanics of opening and navigating through ebooks will depend on which platform they are sitting on, and on the device that you are using. Most of our ebook sites have instructions on how to use their site - usually available via the Help menu.

See also our video guides for using ebooks in Ebook Central.

If you run into problems finding and using ebooks, check the help section of the providers website, message us using Library Chat, or, email [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible.