Find Information for Assignments

This guide briefly outlines the steps to finding information for your assignments. If you require more help the Information Services Team will be happy to assist and you can also visit your Subject Portals.

You might also like the printer-friendly, visually appealing pdf version of this guide:
A Quick Guide to Finding Information for Assignments [ 334.8 KB ]

To Start...

Make sure you understand the assignment. Check with your lecturer if unsure.

Begin with your course materials:

  • Assignment guidelines
  • Course readings and/or Waikato Reading Lists
  • Set text (if applicable)
  • High Demand - search by paper code in Library Search.

Next Steps

Your lecturer may suggest:

  • Recommended readings
  • Additional readings

Access them via Library Search. Use the reference lists of these readings to identify further items.

Reading more widely will deepen your understanding.

More Information

  • Use Library Search to explore the Library’s online and physical resources.
  • Search individual databases for journal and newspaper articles
  • Use Library Search to request specific print items. Do this by searching for the item, signing in, then clicking on the title to view its full record. Click the Request link next to Request Options.

Ask for Help

Ask a Librarian for advice on how to:

  • Search smarter
  • Identify what to look for
  • Identify where to start looking
  • Use APA Referencing