Many database-providers include persistent links within the database but they may need modifying so students can access off-campus via authentication.

NOTE: There are exceptions – please contact the Library if in doubt.

Item with a doi from publisher's database

Publisher’s databases use a DOI for persistent identification of digital objects. To modify the DOI for off-campus access, use Link Converter 1. This will generate a URL which includes the UoW ezproxy prefix:

And the DOI prefix:

It is then encoded to create a more stable link.

To use the converter:

  • Find the full citation of the article required
  • Look for the DOI (usually at top with the citation information)
  • Copy the DOI (numbers only) into Link Converter 1 below:

Item with no DOI (aggregator database)

If the article is in an aggregator database (e.g. ProQuest, EBSCOhost), or has no DOI, you may need to modify the database-provided persistent URL. Use Link Converter 2 below.

To use the converter:

  • Paste the URL of the artice into the Link Converter 2 below: