Application of RSD Framework at the UoW

The University of Waikato Library uses the RSD Framework to form the basis of a programme of contextualised research skills development, in personalised and group settings, that supports students throughout their research journey at the University of Waikato.

What does the RSD programme involve?

This programme comprises tailored, or bespoke, opportunities for students at the University to access non-subject-related research competencies in a manner and time that suits them best. The programme also reflects the flexible delivery approach considered by the University as student-centred and suited to effective learning.

The RSD programme incorporates a continually-developing suite of online resources and content created by Library staff with discipline knowledge and technical expertise. These resources are embedded within Learning Management System papers and also available to access from the Library website. Other options include face-to-face delivery, including in-class, small group or individual consultations.

One of the identified benefits for the University in using a pivotal tool based upon internationally-recognised standards of best practice, such as the RSD Framework, is the ability to apply a structured, scaffolded rather than segmented approach to research skills acquisition across the curricula. The ability to map research skills across the curricula also promotes consistency of approach and assessed outcomes. As such, a collaborative library-faculty RSD-informed approach exploring the benefits of systematically scaffolding assessment outcomes, building from pre-degree/transitioning students through to postgraduate study has been employed at the University of Waikato.

The RSD programme and...

Other available support

Other key touch points of support available to students include:

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