Research Skill Development (RSD) Framework

The Research Skills Development (RSD) Framework, deployed across Australasian and Pacific tertiary providers since its 2006 development by John Willison and Kerry O’Regan (2006, 2018), is a conceptual, non-prescriptive tool based upon six core capability standards established by the Australian and New Zealand Institute for Information Literacy (ANZIIL) and Bloom’s Taxonomy (1956). The RSD Framework forms part of the University of Adelaide MELT approach.

The Framework details incremental levels of student autonomy in the development of their information and research skills; these are described as Prescribed, Bounded; Scaffolded, Open-Ended, and Unbounded.

The RSD Framework is the foundation of the University of Waikato Library’s information management training, workshops and consultations, from undergraduate through to doctoral study and beyond.