Library Search Upgrade

10 February 2014

Library Search will be upgraded on the morning of Monday the 10th of February, 2014. As a result of this upgrade, there will be a few changes:

Search refinements: The main changes are the search options located beneath the Library Search box on the homepage. These options allow you to refine your general search to "Journal Articles" OR "Books" OR "Exclude Newspaper Articles and Book Reviews". If you don't select one of these options you will search all the items available through Library Search.

Advanced search: This can now be found at

Unfortunately there is a chance that some browsers may still be caching the old version of Library Search. This would result in you getting no search results. If this happens either visit How to Force Refresh in Your Internet Browser or contact us or ask for help at a Library Service Desk.

If you have any other problems with Library Search, questions about the new interface, or need a bit more help, get in touch with Information Services.