ANTHY202-19A Anthropology

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Your Assignment

Assignment Outline

Imagine that each member of the class has been asked “to contribute an essay for a proposed Encyclopaedia of Polynesian Cultures on a topic that will be of interest to a general audience”.

A requirement is that each writer should focus on only one Polynesian culture or society.

Examples of the aspects of a Polynesian culture that might be written about are as follows: * Social Organisation: e.g. Family; Kinship; Community; Childhood; Marriage; Death. * Politics & Religion: e.g. Monarchs; Chiefs; Priests; Shaman; Experts; Healers; Rituals. * Subsistence Activity: e.g. Cuisine; Hunting; Fishing; Cultivation; Planting; Canoes; Land. * Knowledge & Arts: e.g. Weaving; Tapa; Carving; Navigation; Tattoo; Dance; Music.

Going outside of these guidelines is permissible as long as your proposal fits in with the overall direction of the assignment, if you have discussed it in tutorials and have received approval from Tom Ryan to pursue it.

Try to write as if you are in fact submitting to the proposed Encyclopaedia, as this provides a useful conceptual framework and style guide.

What does an essay in an encylopedia look like?

It needs lots of facts!

Routledge Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Test search: tonga

Library Search

Library Search is is an aggregated search tool that searches through ALL of our subscribed databases in one go. It is brilliant for looking for articles or books if you know their titles, or use it to see if we have a particular journal - to do this, type in the journal title. Note all the buttons above the Library Search search box.

N.B. Library Search doesn’t search Index New Zealand. It does have some New Zealand material though – why?

ARTICLES EXERCISE: Soldiers, chiefs, and church: unstable democracy in Fiji/Choose Journal Articles

BOOKS EXERCISE: Changing contexts, shifting meanings: transformations of cultural traditions in Oceania  

Hint: Changing contexts, shifting meanings: transformations/Choose Books/Ebooks

How many copies do we have?

Information quality

We spend ? on database subscriptions - why?

Finding Journal articles

Use Library Search to find articles on a topic

EXERCISE: samoan tattooing /Choose Subject Tattooing (or Subject Tattoos)

Think about your key words

Do you get a different result using the key words samoa tattoos? Which search is better? This one!

Choose an article and find the PDF or html full text versions

Using Subject-specific Databases to Find Articles

Index  New Zealand Scroll down to find Index New Zealand and click on the link. Why do we have to use this as well? Index New Zealand indexes journals published IN New Zealand.

To find articles Library Search doesn't have! Why?

NOTE: This is an INDEX not a full-text database.

EXERCISE: "cook islands" weaving

EXAMPLE: weaving a sense of future.

Copy the title of an article you want to see. Go to Library Search and paste it into the search box.

If you don't find the article immediately, we may have a subscription to the journal the article is in, and it may be online. (older articles may only be available in print. Try searching by the title of the journal. If we have it, click on the link and look for the right volume, issue and pages till you find the article).

If the article is from a newspaper, trying pasting the title of the article into Newztext Plus.

PINI (Pacific Islands News & Information Database)


Web of Science

EXERCISE: samoa and (eating or diet or food* or cuisine)


EXERCISE: tonga kingship

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar from the Library Databases page so that Find@Waikato will work for you.

EXERCISE: Looking for a known article on Google Scholar gives you extra information. Type Soldiers, chiefs, and church: unstable democracy in Fiji into the search box. Cited by – Why is this important?

Other Useful Resources

Research Commons

Ebook Central

EXERCISE: shamanism polynesia