JoVE Science Education is a revolutionary video database, dedicated to teaching laboratory fundamentals through simple, easy-to-understand video demonstrations. The 'Advanced Biology' database offers 'Essentials' videos in Neuroscience, Developmental Biology, Genetics, and Cell Biology
Coverage: Coverage varies (Full text)
Access to archival issues of journals with coverage usually ending three to five years before present. Back issues of over 1500 journals in the arts, humanities, science, and social sciences with links to current issues available in Project Muse.
Coverage: 1950 to present (Some full text)
A service of the National Library of Medicine. Includes over 19 million citations for biomedical articles from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. Includes links to many sites providing full-text articles and other related resources.
Coverage: 1995 to present (Full text)
Access the full-text of over 1000 journals primarily in the Sciences, but including Business, Education, Linguistics, Management, Sociology, etc. Users may register and create their own account allowing use of personalisation and alert services.
Coverage: 1965 to present (Index)
Web of Science Core Collection allows you to search more than 12,000 journals across the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Combines Science Citation, Social Sciences Citation and Arts and Humanities Citation Indexes and includes ISI Proceedings. To access personalised features, such as 'My Citation Alerts', remember to sign in first.
Coverage: 1997 to present (Full text)
Access to Wiley journals in the fields of: Business, Finance & Management; Chemistry; Computer Science; Earth Science; Education; Engineering; Humanities and Social Sciences; Law; Life and Medical Sciences; Mathematics and Statistics; Physics; Psychology.


A valuable resource for all who have an interest in the life sciences. Covers all the major fields within the science, including anatomy, biochemistry, ecology, evolutionary theory, genetics, molecular biology, physiology and taxonomy.
Includes a vast range of terms and concepts dealing with biochemistry, cell and developmental biology, immunology, hereditary diseases, and molecular evolution, as well as the state of the art in genomics and proteomics.


The Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior covers all aspects of animal behaviour. Alphabetically arranged major sections, such as Antipredatory behavior, Learning, Reproductive behavior, and Social organisation, are organised into subtopics, examples of which include Animal consciousness, Audience effect in whales, Orangutan culture, Tool use and manufacture by birds, and Veterinary ethics and behavior.
Covers not only human evolution, but also a wide variety of other areas, including developmental biology, social behavior, consciousness, evolution of disease, systematics, population biology, complexity theory, and even art in prehistory. Some biographical articles are also included.
Includes coverage of biomedical science, chemistry, cosmology, information science, environmental science, nanotechnology, and theoretical physics.
Covers animal life; biosciences; chemistry; earth and atmospheric sciences; energy sources and power technology; mathematics and engineering sciences; medicine, anatomy, and physiology; physics; plant sciences; space and planetary sciences.


An online resource for teachers and students in the fields of evolution and geological time.
Landcare Research is New Zealand's foremost environmental research organisation specialising in sustainable management of land resources optimising primary production, enhancing biodiversity, increasing the resource efficiency of businesses, and conserving and restoring the natural assets of our communities. Provides links to scientific and technical publications.
The New Zealand Ecological Society was formed in 1951 to promote the study of ecology and the application of ecological knowledge in all its aspects. Provides links to publications and resources for ecology in New Zealand.
Website developed as part of the University of Waikato's strategic partnership with Fieldays.
Regional council for the Waikato region. The website provides links to publications.
To be used for background information, not to be referenced as a source. Has useful references at the end of articles.