Coverage: 400BC-2010 (Full text)
The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is the national record of men and women who have shaped British history and culture, worldwide, from the Romans to the 21st century. The Dictionary offers concise, up-to-date biographies written by named, specialist authors.


An alphabetical list of the principal words used in Shakespeare's complete works, listing every instance of each word with its immediate context.
A vital resource for scholars, students and actors, this book contains glosses and quotes for over 14,000 words that could be misunderstood by or are unknown to a modern audience.


Digital Theatre+ is the world’s leading educational platform for English and the Performing Arts, providing access to 600+ theatre productions and educational resources.DT+ collaborate with renowned theatre companies, actors and creatives to capture live performances in stunning quality and bring you insights from behind the scenes; curates the very best productions from over 50 of the world’s leading arts organisations; and commission educational resources from leading practitioners and academics. New content is added regularly.
Coverage: Coverage varies (Full text)
Access to archival issues of journals with coverage usually ending three to five years before present. Back issues of over 1500 journals in the arts, humanities, science, and social sciences with links to current issues available in Project Muse.
Coverage: 1926 to present (Index)
Produced by the Modern Language Association. Provides access to scholarly research in over 7,000 journals and series as well as monographs, working papers, proceedings, bibliographies etc in the fields of literature, language, linguistics, and folklore. Limited to four simultaneous users.
Coverage: 400BC-2010 (Full text)
The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is the national record of men and women who have shaped British history and culture, worldwide, from the Romans to the 21st century. The Dictionary offers concise, up-to-date biographies written by named, specialist authors.
Coverage: Coverage varies (Full text)
Includes over 300 journals from over 70 scholarly publishers covering the fields of literature and criticism, history, visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, economics, and many others.
Coverage: 1964 to present (Index)
Provides annotated entries for all important books, articles, book reviews, dissertations, theatrical productions, reviews of productions, audiovisual materials, electronic media, and other scholarly and popular materials related to Shakespeare.


Contains entries on the meaning and origin of a vast range of words and expressions, from everyday English phrases to Latin tags.
The 21st Century Edition of the Collins English Dictionary provides comprehensive, wide-ranging, and up-to-date coverage of today's English.
A highly acclaimed encyclopedia covering a wide variety of literary topics, periods, and genres, with a focus on American and British literature. Contains biographies and criticism of writers including historians, journalists, publishers, book collectors, and screenwriters. Surveys the major periodicals and literary and intellectual movements for their volumes, and offers lists of further readings. Browse at Level 3 PS129.D53 or search the Dictionary of Literary Biography index.
Extensive coverage of traditional drama, versification, rhetoric, and literary history, as well as updated and extended advice on recommended further reading and a pronunciation guide to more than 200 terms.
The meaning, history and pronunciation of over 500,000 words, both present and past, from across the English-speaking world. Includes the usage of words, etymological analysis, and variant spellings. Shows pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet.


A comprehensive encyclopedia of English and American literature derived from individual print editions of The Cambridge History of English literature and The Cambridge History of American literature, published between 1907 and 1921.
This encyclopedia provides accessible entries on the important concepts, theorists and trends in post-1900 literary and cultural theory. Offers explanations of complex terms and important theoretical concepts, and summaries of the work and ideas of key figures.


A leading peer reviewed journal in the field of Commonwealth and postcolonial literatures. Provides critical comment on all aspects of ‘Commonwealth’ and postcolonial literature and related areas, such as postcolonial theory, translation studies, and colonial discourse. The fourth issue each year provides a comprehensive bibliography of publications in the field.  Recognising that colonialism is not safely in the past, the journal reflects literature's shifting margins, including critiques of texts that explore diasporas and neocolonialism, and which connect gender and sexuality with colonialism, the Commonwealth, and postcoloniality.
This peer reviewed international journal publishes both critical and creative work – offering a forum for debate, as well as an avenue for the publication of the best stories, poems, creative non-fiction and works for the stage or for the screen. Articles may focus on: creative writing in universities and colleges; pedagogy, practice and research; the processes of creative writers, their drafts and completed work; the history of particular writing forms; analysis of particular creative works.
Research and thought on all 19th Century English-language writers. Innovative scholarship, reviews and annotated bibliographies of recent publications in the field of nineteenth-century literature.
Started in 2012 as New Zealand's only Māori literary journal, including prose, poetry, art, and photography from Māori and Aboriginal writers, and writers from Asia and Europe. Available in print and online (2012 only). Contributors include Alice Te Punga-Somerville, Hinemoana Baker, and Taika Waititi.
This refereed scholarly journal offers a wide range of approaches to print and text culture, dealing with "books", ephemera, publication history, texts in culture, and local NZ printing. It explores "traditional" texts and also contemporary digital environments for texts and images.


Prepared by the Norton Anthology editors, this extensive, freely accessible Web resource for The Norton Anthology of English Literature offers twenty-seven topics for study and discussion and over 150 literary texts and downloadable audio files.
An authoritative database about Australian literary, narrative, and print cultures. Contains biographical and bibliographical information, full text, exhibitions and rich online content. AustLit is a non-profit collaboration between researchers from Australian universities and the National Library of Australia, lead by the University of Queensland, the aim of which is to expand knowledge about the place of story in Australian culture in the past and present.
One of the largest free collections of poetry on the web.
Provides access to many of the works of classic authors and also links to appropriate Web resources.
Covers Medieval, Renaissance 18th Century, 19th Century and 20th Century English literature.
HathiTrust Digital Library is a digital preservation repository and highly functional access platform. It provides long-term preservation and access services for public domain and in copyright content from a variety of sources, including Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and in-house partner institution initiatives. The partners ensure the reliability and efficiency of the digital library by relying on community standards and best practices, developing policies and procedures to manage content and services at scale, and maintaining a modular, open infrastructure
Provides scholarly, fully-annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays, multimedia explorations of the context of Shakespeare's life and works, and records of his plays in performance.
Compiled by UK University subject specialists, this web site offers the best web resources for research and study.
Landfall is New Zealand's foremost and longest-running arts and literary journal. It showcases new fiction and poetry, as well as biographical and critical essays, and cultural commentary. The archive provides searchable PDFs of the first 20 years of Landfall: every issue up to the end of 1966 (80 issues); and an index of every item published in Landfall up to Vol. 20 No. 4 (December 1966), searchable by author, title and keyword. Hosted by Otago University Press. Print copies of Landfall are here.
Curated by Christchurch City Libraries, this page links to winners and nominees for a range of New Zealand and international book prizes and awards. We may not hold copies of all titles mentioned.
An online tool that allows users to efficiently search Thompson's Motif-Index of folk-literature; a classification of narrative elements in folktales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books, and local legends. To access the userguide, click on the '?' on the top right of the screen.
This site has individual pages on over 430 American authors, listing of primary works, brief biographies, selected bibliographies and links to other relevant Web resources.
A digital library of free ebooks. Includes Book listings, search engine, newsletter, articles and information on how users can help create more free ebooks.
The Memory of the World details documentary heritage and where the items may be found.  The nomination forms for each contain valuable information about why they are important.  Examples include the remaining nine minute fragment of Australia's first narrative film 'The Story of the Kellly Gang' (1906), the Treaty of Waitangi (1840), China's Golden Lists of the Qing Dynasty Imperial Examination (1667-1903), records of Indian indentured labourers in Fiji (1879-1960), Europe's first printed book the Gutenberg bible and Fritz Lang's film 'Metropolis' (1927).For more information and examples, see About Us.