Coverage: Coverage varies (Full text).
This database offers full-text academic literature on Asian social sciences, business, government, economic development and current affairs. 55 countries are covered.
Coverage: Full text (Abstracts available from 1988)
Provides full-text access to around 200 journals and reviews from a further 300 in the fields of management, accounting and finance, public policy, engineering, tourism and computer science.
Provides key business intelligence on countries, companies, markets, and consumers. Includes country statistics, market data, lifestyle indicators and analysis, market analysis, company and country profiles.Scroll down to accept Terms and Conditions to proceed to Passport
Coverage: Full text (1996 to 2019)
SAGE Business Cases is the first discipline-wide digital collection tailored to library needs. These cases bring business to life, inspiring researchers to develop their own best practices and prepare for professional success.


This dictionary will be valuable to both students and professionals. Over 2,000 terms are defined with examples, charts and illustrations. Additional areas covered include: global accounting and taxation; exports and imports; global trade, law, and regulations; international organisations; international finance, banking, and investments; economic and business strategies; and management of multinational corporations.

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