Advertising Standards Complaints Board


Adjudicates on complaints received in regard to possible breaches of the Advertising Codes of Practice which are established by the Advertising Standards Authority, advises the ASA on interpretation and possible improvement on the Codes; reports to the ASA on any aspect of advertising which is causing concern.

Governing legislation

Not established by legislation. The ASCB is a self-regulatory body established in 1988 by the Advertising Standards Authority. The jurisdiction of the Board in relation to the Broadcasting Standards Authority is acknowledged in the Broadcasting Act 1989.

Contact details

See the ASA website for contact information.


A searchable database of decisions 2000 onwards is available from the Authority's website

Indexed by

Printed indexes produced by the Board as part of the loose leaf Decisions of the Advertising Standards Complaints Board.


The Advertising Standards Authority was established in 1973. It is made up of representatives of various media organisations including: Advertising Agencies Association of New Zealand; Independent Broadcaster's Association; Newspaper Publishers' Association; Television New Zealand Ltd; TV3 Network Services Ltd; Radio New Zealand Ltd; New Zealand Cinema Advertising Council.