Management Systems


Coverage: 1947 to present (Some full text).
Contains citations, abstracts & full-text of articles published in Association for Computing Machinery journals, proceedings & selected works published by affiliates & special interest groups; & tables of contents for ACM newsletters published since 1985.
Coverage: Full text (Abstracts available from 1988)
Provides full-text access to around 200 journals and reviews from a further 300 in the fields of management, accounting and finance, public policy, engineering, tourism and computer science.
Provides key business intelligence on countries, companies, markets, and consumers. Includes country statistics, market data, lifestyle indicators and analysis, market analysis, company and country profiles.Scroll down to accept Terms and Conditions to proceed to Passport


The Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction covers the field of human computer interaction (HCI). This encyclopedia covers a wide range of HCI related topics such as concepts, design, usability, evaluation, innovations, and applications of HCI in organisations around the globe.
Encyclopedia of Information Technology is a comprehensive reference material comprising the A-Z of the IT industry. Well-defined emerging technologies and terms, concepts, devices, systems, and tools are graphically represented with annotations.
The Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management is a comprehensive source of coverage related to the past, present, and emerging directions of knowledge management. Provides a broad basis for understanding the issues, technologies, theories, applications, opportunities and challenges being faced by researchers and organisations today in their quest for knowledge management.
The Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networks provides in-depth coverage of the most important concepts, issues, trends and technologies in the multimedia discipline. This contemporary encyclopedia offers, in detail, an understanding of many topics related to multimedia evolution, design, communications, e-commerce, education, security, and virtual communities. In addition, it offers a thorough explanation of emerging multimedia technologies and applications.