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Kia orana, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Koapwong, Aloha, welcome to Pasifika @ Waikato.

Pasifika people are achievers in education and many choose to complete postgraduate study. Some choose to study at the University of Waikato and come from all over the pacific to do so while others born here leave to undertake studies elsewhere.

Pasifika @ Waikato is a repository that gathers together information and on-line links about these Pasifika students and some of the work they are doing.

Pasifika @ Waikato has a proud heritage based on high standards and strong contributions from its people.

The individuals that follow not only provide pushback against stereotypes but they also embody the essence of what it is to be indigenous Pasifika people and the characteristics that made our ancestors the greatest explorers in history.

Their voyaging spirit, leadership, and courage are part of our DNA and in recording these stories we not only celebrate their achievements but recognise the wonderful peoples that are Pasifika.

Come and meet our leaders of today.

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