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Tauranga: Elsie Langdon

Hamilton: Jillene Bydder

APA Referencing

See the APA Referencing Style Guide

Look at the APA Style: Common Examples pages and follow the examples exactly

DEMONSTRATION: Understanding a reference. How do you know a reference is a book? How do you know a reference is a journal article?

Use the APA Style Guide to Electronic References listed under Official Style Guides/Info for any e-resources like websites

You may also like to try APA Interactive from Massey University

Services for Tauranga Students

Library Tutorial Worksheet

This guide will help you find resources for your Essay.

We will cover 

  • Waikato Reading List for SOCY222
  • Using an encyclopedia
  • Library Search 
  • Finding books and online books
  • Finding journal articles
  • Using databases: Index New Zealand, Proquest Social Sciences, Newztext Plus, and PINI.  
  • Using Google Scholar
  • Finding government documents

Waikato Reading List for SOCY222-17A

Here is your Reading List

Please note: Copyright restrictions mean that digitisations of chapters from print books and of articles (scanned PDFs) are available for use ONLY during the semester the course is offered.

Also note: If there is no Online Resource button

  • this may mean that your lecturer intends you to read the complete book. Please borrow the library copy of the book (to find the call number  and the location of the book simply click on the title to be taken to an information page. Library availabilty is on the right hand side of the page). 
  • It may mean that one chapter or section has already been digitised and copyright restrictions mean that we are not able to digitise succeeding chapters. Please borrow the library copy of the book. 
  • It may mean that the book is the course textbook which you are expected to purchase or use in the Library. Copyright restrictions mean that multiple chapters cannot be digitised.


See the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Or go to the University Library's home page and use LibrarySearch. Type in the TITLE of the encyclopedia.

EXERCISE: families and paid work

Open the PDF for Marriage and the Dual-Career Family. Use <Ctrl>-<F> and search for conflict

Library Search

Library Search has a different look. We are updating our printed, online and video guides to reflect the changes. If you need assistance, please contact a librarian. You can ask us, or use Library chat, or email

Here is a link to the Library Search Guide

Library Search is is an aggregated search tool that searches through ALL of our subscribed databases in one go. It is brilliant for looking for articles if you know their titles. Note all the buttons above the Library Search search box.

N.B. Library Search doesn’t search Index New Zealand. It does have some New Zealand material though – why?

Finding Books

Hamilton students: use Library Search to find print and online books

EXERCISE: Look for a print book by its title: Sociology of families: change, continuity and diversity. Where is it?

DEMONSTRATION: Finding an online book: Contemporary grandparenting/Sara Arber, and printing a chapter to pdf

Tauranga students: use the TOI-OHOMAI Institute of Technology catalogue to find books held on the Windermere campus

EXERCISE: Look for a book by its title: Sociology of families: change, continuity and diversity. Where is it?

Use Library Search to find print books held on the Hamilton campus

Use Library Search to find ELECTRONIC/ONLINE books held on the Hamilton campus. Log in with your university username and password to access these.

DEMONSTRATION: use Library Search to find Contemporary grandparenting/Sara Arber, and print a chapter to PDF

Finding Journal articles

Use Library Search to find articles on a topic  

EXERCISE: find an article on families and paid work and look at the PDF

Using Subject-specific Databases to Find Articles

Index  New Zealand Scroll down to find Index New Zealand and click on the link. 

EXERCISE: Search for divorce children. Go to page 3 and find the article Where should the focus be in the aftermath of parental separation? Click Get It. Note the instructions - you need to see if the Library has the journal the article is in. 

NOTE: This is an INDEX not a full-text database. Copy the title of an article you want to see. Go to Library Search and paste it into the search box. 

Remember that Library Search isn't good at New Zealand material. If you don't find the article immediately, we may have a subscription to the journal the article is in, and it may be online.

Try searching by the title of the journal. Then click on the link to the journal and find the right volume, issue and pages for the article. 

If the article is from a newspaper, trying pasting the title of the article into Newtext Plus.

Proquest Social Sciences

EXERCISE: Type families and "paid work" and "new zealand" into the search box. Why are some articles in full-text and some aren't? Find Item 21, Restructuring family policies: convergences and divergencies

Sociological Abstracts

EXERCISE: Type families and "paid work" and "new zealand" into the search box. 

Look at Lone parents and paid work: issues and policy implications. This is a 1993 article, so it may not be online.

Go to Find a copy, then Find@WaikatoLibrary. See the link Full-text available at: Free E-Journals. Then find the right volume and year and the article you want. The PDF is linked from Download the article (on the right-hand side). 

Newztext Plus

For New Zealand newspaper articles

EXERCISE: type arranged marriages into the search box

Limit by Dates and Collections

PINI (Pacific Islands News and Information)

For Pacific newspapers

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar from the Library Databases page so that Find@Waikato will work for you.

EXERCISE: Looking for a known article on Google Scholar gives you extra information. Type Doing family without having kids into the search box. Cited by – Why is this important?

Government Publications

Which government department offers help for grandparents raising grandchildren in New Zealand?

EXERCISE: Go to Government A-Z, type family and follow the trail from Family and Community Services to the information page for the Ministry of Social Development and then to its website (see Contact us on the left hand navigation bar). At the website type grandparenting into the search box at the top right of the screen.