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International Children's Digital Library, developed by the Internet Archive and the University of Maryland, features a multilingual, international collection of children's books. The ICDL collection includes 1817 books in 38 languages.
Australia & New Zealand's online reference guide to children's books, poetry, short stories and literary awards. Includes bibliographic details with annotations and subject headings for thousands of picture books and children's and young adult novels.


An illustrated encyclopedia covering a wide range of topics from around the world on bilingualism. The encyclopedia is broken into three major sections, covering individual bilingualism, bilingualism in society, and bilingual education.
A multi-volume set that examines the spoken language as a field of study, looking at the theory of the place of talk in education and examining the way talk is actually done in educational settings. This ebook version is also available in print (P40.8.E52) and both the 1997 and 2008 volumes are shelved side by side. Each volume of the series covers a different field of interest.
A collection that documents and interprets the books read by children in the English-speaking world. The collection includes brief biographies of major authors and illustrators and essays on genres, themes, trends and traditions in children's literature.



Provides information, critical/analytical accounts, links and other professional reading material for English/literacy teachers. In particular, it provides access for teachers and researchers interested in finding out issues facing colleagues in other national settings.
English Online is a site for primary and secondary English teachers in New Zealand and internationally.
A resource site rich with ideas and information all promoting reading in general, but particularly to represent and promote New Zealand writing and writers.
Provides a set of quality New Zealand English picture books reflecting diversity in New Zealand society which can be used in New Zealand classrooms with specially designed, curriculum-linked classroom activities.
A list of recommended websites which lead to information that relate to children’s literature. It is divided into four regional sections – New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.
A New Zealand site dedicated to promoting the value of books and reading for children and young adults, and to support the development of New Zealand children’s literature.
The TKI Learning Languages Community is a portal to professional learning opportunities, professional support for the New Zealand Curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, resources and key links.

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