Gender and Sexuality Studies



Coverage: 1990 to present (Index)
Covers journal articles, book reviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages. Books written by a single author are not indexed.
Coverage: Coverage varies (Full text)
Access to archival issues of journals with coverage usually ending three to five years before present. Back issues of over 1500 journals in the arts, humanities, science, and social sciences with links to current issues available in Project Muse.
Coverage: Coverage varies (Full text)
Includes over 380 journals from over 70 scholarly publishers covering the fields of literature and criticism, history, visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, economics, and many others.
Includes ProQuest Political Science, ProQuest Psychology, ProQuest Religion, ProQuest Social Science, ProQuest Sociology plus Social Services Abstracts and Sociological Abstracts. These databases provide citations, abstracts and full text access to literature on a wide range of disciplines, including political science, public policy, international relations, psychology, anthropology, sociology, religious and spiritual studies, social work, criminology, social policy, gender studies, population studies and more.
Coverage: 1952 to present (Index)
Sociological Abstracts, and its companion file Social Services Abstracts, cover the international literature of sociology, social work, and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. It provides abstracting and indexing of articles and book reviews drawn from thousands of serials publications, plus books, book chapters, dissertations, conference papers, and working papers.


This two-volume dictionary contains more than 20,000 brief biographical entries. Includes an occupation index, ethnicity/nationality index and a chronological index.
An overview of the history and development of feminism as a movement and philosophy. Emphasises global and third-wave feminism.


Addresses the implications of postmodernism and post-structuralism for feminist theorising.
This features comprehensive global coverage of women's issues and concerns.
The Women's Studies Encyclopedia contains information about women from all fields and disciplines of study.
This encyclopedia is the first to introduce the movement's key issues, members, visions, and writings. A chronology and historical introduction provide an excellent overview of third-wave feminism.


An international, feminist, peer-reviewed journal, for encouraging, supporting, and showcasing cutting-edge and transformative feminist theory and research.
Peer-reviewed journal covering theory and research in the study of gender as a primary social category and its relationship to social order; emphasizing the study of gender and feminist scholarship.
Interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal publishing articles relating to gender from a feminist perspective.
A peer-reviewed journal publishing a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship to foster a thorough understanding of the complexities, nuances, and the multifaceted aspects of sexuality and gender.
JSR is a peer-reviewed journal covering diverse topics in contemporary sexual science. The journal publishes empirical reports, brief reports, theoretical essays, review articles, methodological articles, commentaries, and letters to the editor.
A peer-reviewed journal publishing original research articles, theoretical manuscripts and critical reviews concerned with the underlying processes and consequences of gender role socialization, perceptions, and attitudes.
Sexualities is an established international journal and an invaluable resource, publishing articles, reviews and scholarly comment on the shifting nature of human sexualities.


A global map showing out LGBTQI+ elected officials since 1976.