Reading Lists FAQ: For Students

Have you signed in? Some lists are not visible until you have signed in

Go to On the top left click log in. On the next page enter your University of Waikato username and password

This is optional. You can still access your reading lists without creating a profile but it lets you organise your lists by setting reading intentions and adding personal notes to help with your studies. These notes are private and visible only to you.

If you don't find a list it is possible your lecturer has not set one up. Contact your lecturer.

The content of the list is designed by your lecturer. Please check with them for queries about the choice of readings, or clarification on the notes.

At the top of the list there is a Table of Contents tab. You can click that to view the headings of each section in your reading list, then click on the heading to take you to that section.

If the list has no sections, a red circle with a line through it will appear when you hover over the Table of Contents tab.

This is when an item has been scanned from a print resource. Click on the title to see the full record then click on the link View Online to see the pdf.

This refers to a book or journal that is available online or electronically. Click on the blue button Online Resource to access online resources in your reading list.

If you quote or indirectly quote from an item in a reading list, you have to reference it. In your reading list, click on the title to view its full record and get the elements required for referencing, i.e. Author, date, title, publication details. You do not include information about accessing the item from your Waikato Reading List i.e. Retrieved from

See the examples in the guides for your referencing style for information on how to reference books, journals websites etc.