Reading Lists Trimester Checklist

Here’s a checklist to ensure your Reading List is ready for the trimester.

  1. Check your Reading List from the previous year has been rolled over if applicable
  2. Request digitisation for print items newly added to a rolled over list or on a completely new list (this triggers copyright clearance)
  3. Check that scans from the previous year’s list have been rolled over
  4. Add all the necessary items to your list (if it is a new list)
  5. Edit your list as required
  6. Add any staff collaborating with you on the list
  7. Add or amend any entries in the “Note for student” field
  8. Check that the links to online resources such as journal articles and websites work
  9. Specify items for the High Demand Collection in the “Note for Library” field.  Note, High Demand requests will only be picked up from published lists, so publish the list two weeks before the course starts to enable High Demand items to be processed.
  10. Publish your completed list
  11. Link from Moodle and Paper Outlines to your published list or to individual items on it

If you require assistance, please contact [email protected] for help.