Make your Resources Accessible

Ensure off-campus Access

Off-campus users are those who are not physically on campus or who are using their own device.

Bookmarks to online resources must be configured correctly so all users can view them.

When bookmarking an online resource tick the box next to Online Resource and click on Link to. A box will display DOI, Web address, Open URL. The options presented depend on the resource type and metadata.

  • Choose DOI if your resource has one.
  • Choose Web Address if your resource has no DOI and is from a library book or journal (subscribed content). The address must contain This ensures it can be viewed by off campus users (those who are not physically on campus or who are using their own device). To get the exproxy address, navigate to the item via the library.
  • Choose Open URL if the resource has no DOI and is freely available online e.g. a website.

Putting Resources in the High Demand Collection

In the Note for Library field state 'High Demand' and click OK.

This replaces the old Course Reserve form.

Add your list to Moodle

Ensure your list is published prior to adding to Moodle. Republish your Reading List if you make any changes. The link you add to Moodle will always reflect the 'published' version of your Reading List.

Step One:

  1. In Moodle - ‘Turn editing on’
  2. Go to the location in Moodle where you wish the Reading List link to appear.
  3. Click on 'Add activity or resource'
  4. Select 'Waikato Reading Lists' icon
  5. Under 'Activity name' type your reading list name - e.g. Reading List for X Y Z
  6. Click 'Show more'  choose launch container - embed without blocks OR open in a new window (refer to video)
  7. Click 'Save and return to paper'

Step Two:

  1. In your Moodle paper, click the Waikato Reading Lists link you have just added
  2. Type in your course code & select your list.  The 'Reading Lists' icon is now linked to your Reading List.
  3. Select the relevant section from the drop down menu if you wish to link to a specific section of the list.
  4. Save

Repeat these steps if you wish to add a section of your reading list to the corresponding section in Moodle.

Add your list to the Paper Outline

Rather than adding individual readings directly into a Paper Outline, you can link to your whole Reading List for that paper. This allows you to make changes to the Reading List without editing your Paper Outline, as the link in the Paper Outline will open the most recent version of your Reading List.

From your published* Reading List, copy the URL (web address) at the top of the page and add the link to your Paper Outline.

The URL for a Reading List will include this string:

*The link will always open the latest edition of the list even if you update and republish it.

Create a print coursepack

A print coursepack is a compilation of copied material from a number of sources made available to support the teaching of a course.

Learn more about Coursepacks.