Coursepacks, Copyright and Reading Lists

All copyrighted material to be used by classes MUST be copyright cleared through Waikato Reading Lists before a coursepack can be produced by Waikato Print, and before being published in Moodle.

Copyright clearance is managed automatically by the Waikato Reading Lists software.

What is a coursepack?

A coursepack is a collection of printed or digital readings, selected by lecturers for a specific paper, and made available to students enrolled in that paper.

While a coursepack can include material from a range of sources, it usually comprises copies of journal articles and/or book chapters. The ability to include copies of published material in coursepacks (print or online) is dependent on the Licence Agreement between Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) and the University of Waikato, or for digital material, on the terms and conditions attached to the source subscription databases.

Printed coursepacks are distributed to University of Waikato students through Waikato Print.

Digital (electronic or online) coursepacks are available in Waikato Reading Lists, and where the lecturer has elected to do so, they are also displayed in the relevant Moodle Paper area. See What can I copy for my classes?

Can I add PDFs from databases to Moodle?

Uploading copies of published articles and book chapters (in PDF or other file formats) to Moodle is not recommended. Doing so will often contravene vendor agreements and result in inaccurate usage statistics (which can lead to journals being cancelled due to apparent low use).

It is best practice to link to articles through the Waikato Reading List, and then add the Waikato Reading List link to the relevant sections in Moodle.

Why Waikato Reading Lists?

Copyright licence agreements are negotiated with copyright licensing agencies to enable universities to copy beyond the provisions of the Copyright Act 1994 for educational purposes (sections 44-49).

The University is required to report to Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) all material copied under the licence we have with them. The agreed mechanism for this reporting is the Waikato Reading Lists.

Reporting our copying to CLNZ enables the distribution of additional royalties to authors or rights holders.

Our Licence Agreement with Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) covers print to print, print to digital copying and copying from newspapers. There are separate agreements for broadcasts (Screenrights) and music (OneMusic formerly APRA/AMCOS). These documents may be found on the University of Waikato Copyright Information page.

What can I copy for my classes?

Under the CLL Licence, you can make copies for your class from published hardcopy works, as per the following:

Journals (periodicals)
  • The whole or part of one article.
  • More than one article from the same issue of a periodical publication IF each of those articles copied is on the same subject matter (e.g. special issues of a journal).

    This is not intended to allow general copying of multiple articles from the same issue of a periodical publication: The content of each of the articles copied must be closely related and focus on a particular aspect of a subject.

  • Up to 10% or one chapter of a work - whichever is the greater.
  • Up to 15 pages of the whole or part of a single work contained in a collection of works.
  • The whole of an artistic work (such as an illustration) where it is published in a copyright work and is copied as part of the 10% or one chapter of a book or as part of an article in a periodical.

Some provision also exists for copying Out of Print works but you will need to contact [email protected] or [email protected] to discuss this.

The following items are NOT covered by the CLL Licence:

  • Works downloaded from the Internet (use the website publisher's licence)
  • Printed music (sheets and words)
  • Loose maps and charts
  • Unpublished religious orders of service
  • House journals and free publications primarily intended for employees of organisations
  • Illustrations and/or photographs that are not published as part of books or journals noted above
  • Privately owned documents issued for tuition purposes and limited to clientele who pay fees
  • Theses, dissertations and other student papers.

Are articles from subscription (licensed) databases included in the CLNZ agreements?

No. The licence agreement with CLNZ covers print-to-print and print-to-electronic copying only. It does not cover copying from subscription databases. The University of Waikato Library makes separate licence agreements for each database, e-journal subscription and ebook package. Some vendors allow copying of material for inclusion in print coursepacks. Others will only allow linking to full-text articles using a permanent/persistent link or DOI. Linking to articles is permitted in Waikato Reading Lists.

If you wish to use journal articles from databases in a print coursepack you will need to check with your Liaison Librarian to see if the subscription permits it.