Times Higher Education

University of Waikato's institutional subscription gives unlimited access to Times Higher Education (THE) content online for current staff and students.

provides analysis and insight on higher education.

For access anytime, anywhere

You can enjoy weekly digital editions of the magazine, digital access to all rankings supplements, and have access to the THE app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

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To make the most the University of Waikato's institutional subscription to THE, register and create a personal account. This account is associated with the University through your Waikato email address and will give you appropriate access based on the University's subscription.

Creating a personal account

Your personal account is what you'll use to log in to the THE website and app.

To register and create an account:

  • Go to Times Higher Education (THE)
  • Click the Register link on any THE page
  • Complete the brief registration form with your Waikato email address
  • Create a username and password (just note that this username is used in public-facing parts of the THE website such as commenting on articles)
  • Click Join us to complete registration.

You will receive a confirmation email. Next time you go to THE, just click Login.

Still need help?

Contact us via Chat with a Librarian or visit the Get Help page.