A combined computerised index to library holdings of the Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury branches of the New Zealand Law Society.

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LINX indexes decisions of the Privy Council ; Court of Appeal (headnotes 1984 onwards, full text from 1996); High Court - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch 1983 onwards, Hamilton 1989 onwards; District Court (selected, 1990 onwards); Family Court (selected, 1991 onwards); Employment Court (selected, 1999 onwards) Environment Court (selected, 2000 onwards); Maori Appellate Court (from 1986). Also indexes various tribunals, some with full text option.

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Available as LinxPlus on LexisNexis NZ.

Journals (1986 onwards) - major NZ law journals, some UK, Australian and Canadian; texts and rare books held in the Law Societiy Libraries.