Library Tutorials

The Library runs tutorials for students throughout the year. These tutorials focus on study and research methods and how to best utilise the resources available through the Library.

What's on offer?

We offer a great range of scheduled tutorials in the Library, plus an online tutorial on how to research and find information, which you can do at any time. Law students can also check the Law Tutorials page for classes that may be running.

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Uni Computing Essentials (Available during 'O' Week and week one in A and B Semester)

Learn everything you need to get started with key University of Waikato IT services. This tutorial covers the following:

Microsoft Word

  • Get familiar with Microsoft Word
  • Practice all the basic skills needed for your first assignment
  • Create, save and print

Microsoft Excel Essentials

  • Unravel the mysteries of worksheets and workbooks
  • Manipulate data in cells and Auto-fill
  • Use basic formulas such as SUM and COUNTIF
  • Absolute and relative referencing
  • Chart wizard (Column Chart and Pie Chart)

Microsoft Excel Advanced

  • Format as Table and Sort/Filter data - download data for Test Result
  • Data Analysis Toolpack
  • IF function and advanced Excel formulas such as VLOOKUP - download data for Grade
  • Pivot Table and Pivot Chart

Microsoft Powerpoint Essentials

  • Create a simple slideshow featuring objects such as clip art, charts and cartoons
  • Use basic animation
  • Format background with pre-set themes or your own images

Finding Books: Library Search Essentials

  • Learn about Library Search to find print and ebooks
  • Download the Library's ebooks
  • Develop keyword and subject searches
  • Refine searches and evaluate results
  • Understand call numbers, Library locations and My Account

Finding Academic Articles

  • Understand journal references on reading lists or in bibliographies
  • Find academic journal articles using library resources Google Scholar
  • Develop keyword and subject searches
  • Refine searches and evaluate results

APA Referencing Essentials

  • APA for books, edited books, journals, websites
  • Understand reference lists
  • Understand in-text citations (paraphrasing and direct quoting)

APA Referencing for Webpages

This tutorial assumes a basic understanding of APA Referencing.

  • APA for ebooks, ejournals, blogs, wikis, PPT, emails, social media, etc.
  • Critically evaluate websites and online publications


  • Create an EndNote Library
  • Add references to your library manually
  • Import records from Library Search, databases and Google Scholar
  • Use groups, search, and notes to organise references
  • Add and annotate PDFs
  • Use EndNote with a Microsoft Word document


  • Install and get started with Zotero
  • Create a Zotero library
  • Save records from Library Search, Google Scholar, databases and websites
  • Use search, folders and tags to organise references
  • Manage storage of PDFs
  • Use Zotero with a Microsoft Word document

Microsoft Word for Thesis Writing

  • Format margins, page numbers, fonts etc according to the UoW presentation guidelines
  • Use heading styles to ensure consistency, automate Table of Contents and streamline document navigation
  • Create automatic lists of figures and tables
  • Create captions for tables and figures

Check the Course Specific listing on the Tutorial Sign up page to see if there are any course specific tutorials coming up.

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