Library Classes for Postgraduates

In addition to subject specific classes requested by teaching staff and groups of students, the Library offers the following generic tutorials throughout the year.

Microsoft Word for Thesis Writing

  • Format margins, page numbers, fonts etc according to the UoW presentation guidelines
  • Use heading styles to ensure consistency, automate Table of Contents and streamline document navigation
  • Create automatic lists of figures and tables
  • Create captions for tables and figures


  • Create an EndNote Library
  • Add references to your library manually
  • Import records from Library Search, databases and Google Scholar
  • Use groups, search, and notes to organise references
  • Add and annotate PDFs
  • Use EndNote with a Microsoft Word document


  • Install and get started with Zotero
  • Create a Zotero library
  • Save records from Library Search, Google Scholar, databases and websites
  • Use search, folders and tags to organise references
  • Manage storage of PDFs
  • Use Zotero with a Microsoft Word document