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July 2014 Archives

After downloading references into EndNote, you may want to attach the pdf to the record.

1) Save the pdf to a designated location on your computer.

2) Highlight the reference in EndNote, then right-click and select File Attachments>>Attach File.

From here you have 2 options:

a) Attach the pdf  to the reference   - this is called a relative link. (EndNote stores the pdf in the .data file)


b) Create a link to the location where the article is stored - this is called an absolute link.

NOTE: When searching for the file to attach, you will see a box ticked at the bottom of the page that says: Copy this file to the default file attachment folder and create a relative link.  Untick this box if you want to use Option b.

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Do you have a folder of articles, or individual articles saved on your computer that you would like to add to your EndNote library?

Note: This technique works best with pdfs from publishers (or those with a doi).

1) In EndNote, click File>>Import, Select Folder or File.

2) Select Choose to locate the item/s you want to import, then select pdf under the Import Option.

3) Click the Import button.

Some items may not download the full bibliographic information and will look like this <Brown 2011.pdf>

You can either delete those records or manually add the relevant fields in EndNote.

Check out the EndNote YouTube clip for more details.


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