Setup Alerts and RSS Feeds

What is an Alert

  • An alert is a time saving tool that makes you aware that a new book, article or other publication of interest has been made available, eliminating the need for constant monitoring of numerous journals or databases.
  • Alerts can be for full articles, tables of contents or even new results matching a previously saved search
  • Alerts can be sent via email or may be accessed via an RSS feed in an aggregator.

Setting up and using alerts

  • Email alerts generally just require you to click on a link to indicate you'd like updates via alert and to enter your email address. Unfortunately doing this for numerous sources will soon mount up in your email inbox.
  • RSS alerts involve setting up an account with an aggregator such as bloglines. These aggregator accounts are generally free to use and offer clear,readily understandable instructions on how to add to and organise your RSS feeds. Some of the more commonly used ones include Bloglines and Google Reader.
  • To add a new feed click on RSS icon from the source you wish to keep up to date with and choose the aggreator you use from the options available.
  • This method means you have to go to only one site to check for updates and you can monitor all sites of interest at once.

Alerts from Databases

These databases, available from the University of Waikato Databases page, are a few examples of resources that provide RSS or email updates. To subscribe you need to log in to the database, search for a journal of interest and you will see the subscription option.

  • Cambridge Journals Online
  • LegalTrac
  • Oxford Journals
  • ProQuest
  • Wileys - includes Blackwells publications