The Library now has over 100,000 ebooks, some of which can be downloaded to e-readers or other hand held devices. Most ebooks still have considerable restrictions on how many pages can be copied or printed at a time.

There are two common license types for our ebooks:

  • Single User: You can open an ebook on your screen, but you cannot download the full text of the book to your computer or handheld device.
  • Multiple User: You can open and you can download it to your device as long as the publisher has allowed this.

Finding Ebooks

Our main ebook provider is Ebook Central, however, we have individual titles and smaller collections from many publishers and commercial suppliers.

Through Library Search

You can limit your search for ebooks by using Library Search - just enter your search terms in the box below and it will run a search for ebooks only.

Using Ebooks

The mechanics of opening and navigating through ebooks will depend on which platform they are sitting on, and on the device that you are using. Most of our ebook sites have instructions on how to use their site - usually available via the Help menu.