ACS Referencing Examples


Whole book

Author (surname, then comma and initials, use semi-colons between multiple authors).
        Book title, Edition number if available; Publisher: Place of Publication, Year.


Schwarzenbach, R. P.; Gschwend, P. M.; Imboden, D. M. Environmental Organic
, 2nd ed.; Wiley: Hoboken, N. J., 2003.

Cobb, C.; Goldwhite, H. Creations of Fire: Chemistry's Lively History from Alchemy
        to the Atomic Age
; Plenum Press: New York, 1995.

If you wish to include pagination or a volume number, this would follow the year in the full reference ( .... Year; Volume number, Pagination).


Shore, B. W. The Theory of Coherent Atomic Excitation: Multilevel Atoms and
; Wiley & Sons: New York, 1990; Vol. 2, pp. 126-141.

Book which is part of a series

Author/s. Book title; Series information; Publisher: Place of Publication, Year.


Hudlicky, M. Oxidations in Organic Chemistry; ACS Monograph 186; American
        Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1990.

An article (chapter) in an edited book

Author/s of article/chapter. Title of article/chapter. In Title of book; Name/s of editor/s,
        Ed/s.; Publisher: Place of Publication, Year; Pagination.


Birch, N. J. Biomedical uses of lithium. In Uses of Inorganic Chemistry in Medicine;
        Farrell, N. P., Ed.; Royal Society of Chemistry: Cambridge, 1999; pp 11-25.

Book with a corporate author (written by an organization or committee)

Corporate author. Title; Publisher: Place of publication, Year.


National Academy of Sciences. Technical Issues Related to the Comprehensive
        Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
; National Academy Press: Washington, DC, 2002.

If the corporate author and publisher are the same, it is not necessary to repeat the name - it can be in either the author or the publisher field.


American Chemical Society. Reagent Chemicals: American Chemical Society
; Washington, DC, 1999.

Reagent Chemicals: American Chemical Society Specifications; American Chemical
        Society: Washington, DC, 1999.

Journal articles

Author/s. Title of article. Abbreviated journal title Year, Volume, Inclusive pagination.

Note that the year must be in bold script.


Morris, C. R.; Scott, J. T.; Chang, H.; Sederoff, R. R.; O'Malley, D.; Kadla, J. F.
        Metabolic profiling: A new tool in the study of wood formation. J. Agric. Food
. 2004, 52, 1427-1434.

Hu, S.; Neckers, D. C. Photochemically active polymers containing pendant ethyl
        phenylglyoxylate. Macromolecules 1998, 31, 322-327.

Conference papers

Conference paper from published proceedings

If a paper is from the proceedings of a conference which is held regularly (e.g. annually), and each conference is given its own title, the following format is used:

Author/s of presentation/paper. Title of presentation/paper. In Title of the collected
        work/name of conference
, Proceedings of the Name of the meeting, Location of
        conference/meeting, Date of conference/meeting; Name/s of editor/s, Ed/s.;
        Publisher: Place of publication, Year.


Neidleman, S. L. Aspects of enzyme catalysis. In Catalysis of Organic Reactions,
        Proceedings of the Ninth Conference on the Catalysis of Organic Reactions,
        Charleston, SC, Apr 26-28, 1982; Kosak, J. R., Ed.; Marcel Dekker: New York,

If a paper is from the proceedings of a conference which is not given a specific name, the following format is used:

Author/s of presentation/paper. Title of presentation/paper. In Proceedings of the Name
        of meeting
, Location of conference/meeting, Date of conference/meeting; Editor/s,
        Ed/s.; Publisher: Place of publication, Year.


Yordanaov, N. D.; Shopov, D. EPR spectra and electronic structure of copper (II)
        dithiocarbamate complexes. In Proceedings of the Sixteenth International
        Conference on Coordination Chemistry
, Dublin, Ireland, Aug 19-24, 1974;
        Institute of Chemistry of Ireland: Dublin, Ireland, 1974.

Paper presented at a conference - proceedings unpublished or unavailable

Author/s of presentation/paper. Title of presentation/paper. Presented at Conference title,
        Place, Date (this may be month and year or only year).


Mucalo, M. R. Chemistry and the role it plays in adding value to useful materials derived
        from abattoir bone and whey permeates. Presented at CHEM ED 99 Conference,
        Hamilton, 1999.


Author. Title of thesis. Level of thesis, Degree-granting university, Location of university,
        Date of completion.


Lay, M. Continuous radial flow chromatography. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Waikato,
        Hamilton, N.Z., 1998.


Patent owner/s. Title of patent. Patent Number, Date.


Bernson, S. W. Conversion of methane. U.S. Patent 4,199,533, April 22, 1980.


Provider and Number. Title of Standard. Title of Source Year, Volume number.


ASTM D790. Standard test method for tensile properties of plastics. Plastics(1) 1982,
        Vol 08.01.

Technical reports

Author/s. Title of report; Report number; Publisher: Place of publication, Date.


Hadfield, J. C. Groundwater Chemistry of the Piako Catchment, Hauraki Plains;
        Environment Waikato Technical Report 1993/7; Environment Waikato Regional
        Council: Hamilton, N.Z., 1993.


Author (if any). Title of site. URL (access date).


International Biochar Initiative. Biochar Production Units. (accessed 25 May 2015)

ACS Publications Division Home Page. (accessed 25 May 2015)

Note: Use web sites mainly to find references in the primary literature, not as sources in themselves (because they are usually not peer-reviewed and not permanent).

Further reading

For more information about the ACS Referencing Style, refer to the following book:

Dodd, J. S., Ed. The ACS Style Guide: A Manual for Authors and Editors; American
        Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1997.

(Located in Quick Reference on Level 2 in the Central Library at call number QD8.5.A25 1997)