Geography and Environmental Planning: Examples

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1. Book with one author

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2. Book with two authors

Shadbolt, Maurice, and Olaf Ruhen. 1971. Isles of the South Pacific. 2nd ed. Washington, DC: National Geographic Society.

3. Book with three authors

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4. Book by a corporate author

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5. Book - edited

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6. Chapter in edited book

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7. Case law

New Zealand Maori Council v Attorney-General [1987] 1 NZLR 641.

8. Conference paper

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9. Course handouts/PowerPoint presentations

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10. Dictionary

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11. Encyclopedia - entry in

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12. Film (Video/DVD)

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13. Journal article - academic/scholarly

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14. Journal article - internet only version

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15. Magazine article - popular/trade/general interest

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16. Newspaper article

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17. Newspaper article - web version (page numbers not available)

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18. Newspaper article with no author

Waikato Times. "Work on Key City Bypass to Start." December 26, 2006, 1.

19. Personal communication (letters, telephone conversations, emails, interviews)

William White, Senior Planner, Environment Waikato, telephone conversation, March 19, 2017.

20. Statutes (Acts of Parliament)

Resource Management Act 1991

Resource Management Act 1991 (NZ)

21. Thesis

Unplublished so title not italicised.

Stolte, Ottilie Emma Elisabeth. 2006. "Training the "Disadvantaged" Unemployed: Policy Frameworks and Community Responses to Unemployment." Phd diss, University of Waikato.

22. Website

When multiple pages are references, reference the homepage.

Vala, J. and H. McMillan. 2006. Tourism Development as a Cultural Pprocess: Manaakitanga Concept. Retrieved 5 February 2006 from

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23. Map

Give as much information as is available to allow another reader to find the same map.

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24. Planning Documents

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Officer report by council staff:

Waipa District Council. 2014. Section 42a Planner's Report of Jane Andrews in the Matter of an Application by Petfoods Ltd. for Land Use Consent #46821222. Te Awamutu, NZ: Andrews.

Report by consultant:

Planning Consultants Ltd. Section 42A planner's report of Kerry Smith in the matter of an application by Petfoods Ltd. for land use consent to the Waipa District Council 46821222. Hamilton, NZ: Planning Consultants Ltd.