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Picture-Post-Two-2.jpg Picture-Post-Two-1.jpg After a dream recovery I couldn't imagine anything could go wrong. But a just a few slip ups with not staying on top of recovering from my training runs soon put me on the sideline. I will run through the how the week panned out (no pun intended) and point out the mistakes I made that might have contributed to my injury.

My week began at 4am on Monday morning with a goal of completing a 60min run before spending another hour on the treadmill at the Altitude Training Centre. Mistake one - too much, too soon. It had been one week since the 50k event, my body was still fatigued and this was where the niggle began.

This week was also the week of my sister's wedding in New Zealand. I had been trying to find the time to book in for a remedial massage before my program started to get heavy. Mistake two - I didn't have a massage during recovery week. Between work, training and this trip I found it hard to stay on top of recovering properly. The niggle began to snowball into an injury.

During my time in New Zealand I kept training. Mistake three - I didn't listen to my body first chance. It's hard to know when you have a niggle whether it's going to get worse or disappear. Almost every time I run I feel something different so I didn't take any notice of my hamstring after completing a 16k run with my sister.

Before the wedding I decided to do my usual hill reps on a road hill that was about 2km long with 300m elevation. Mistake four - running to hard downhill on the road. It was after this run I realised my hamstring had an issue. 


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