Māori and Indigenous Populations

Theme Convenor: Tahu Kukutai

The Māori and Indigenous populations research theme 'Te para one e tū mai nei' is focused on research that both responds to the needs of Māori and iwi communties and develops methodological approaches beyond conventional demography. Drawing on the emerging fields of Indigenous data sovereignty and critical demography, we undertake quantitative and qualitative research that centres Māori worldviews,   experiences and aspirations.

Projects within this research theme address Māori and Indigenous data sovereignty; Māori fertility; iwi demography; iwi connectedness and civic participation; and the determinants and measurement of Māori wellbeing, with a focus on whānau and child wellbeing. There are strong synergies with the migration theme (Māori-migrant relationships), the health equity theme (tamariki Māori wellbeing), and the population change theme (Māori population size and composition, and the differential implications of regional divergence for mana whenua and mātāwaka).

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