Population Health and Equity

Theme Convenor: Polly Atatoa Carr

Research within this theme examines trends in wellbeing and mechanisms for advancing health equity. Demographic and epidemiologic analyses underpins research across a broad range of topics including: the broader determinants of population health; health services and their delivery; health and social inequalities; health and wellbeing policy and the research-policy interface; measuring and monitoring whānau ora and wellbeing, particularly through longitudinal and life course epidemiological analyses of the Growing Up in New Zealand study; child health equity in the context of families and communities; disease prevention; health promotion; and wellbeing advocacy.

Projects within this research theme include explorations of pathways into homelessness and opportunities to sustain healthy, secure and safe housing; a holistic whānau-based intervention to identify and address health determinants in the inpatient paediatric ward; wellbeing capacity building for the support of whānau engaged in the Oranga Tamariki Children's Team; Cook Island wellbeing, research ethics and capacity building; and access to identity as a determinant of wellbeing and health equity.