Quality research from a world-class business school

Waikato Management School is one of a very small group of elite business schools across the world to have achieved triple-crown accreditation (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS).

Waikato Management School’s research strategy is to address the big challenges facing business and society regionally, nationally and globally by producing world-class theoretical, applied and practice relevant research. We prioritise research related to our two strategic areas of expertise, Responsible Management and Leading through Innovation. The emphasis is on knowledge creation, integration and dissemination to achieve transformation of organisations.

Associate Professor Eva Collins
Associate Dean of Research
Research interests: sustainability policy and management; strategic environmental management; business government strategy.

Dr Zack Dorner
Lecturer in Environmental Economics
Research interests: agriculture; economics; environment; experimental economics; resource economics; climate change.

Professor John Gibson
Professor of Economics
Research interests: Development; labour and the international economy; 
Microeconomics;  panel econometrics; poverty analysis; urban and regional economics

Professor Siggi Gudergan
Professor of Strategy
Research interests: Business Strategy & Strategic Management (including entrepreneurship, innovation, organisational change & performance; and international business & management); Services & Customer Decision Making; and Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM).

Professor John Oetzel
Professor of Management Communication
Research interests: conflict management; intercultural communication; health communication; halth service delivery; research methods; high performance team

Professor Les Oxley
Professor of Economics
Research interests: time series econometrics; cliometrics; economic history; the economics of innovation; energy economics; environmental economics and economic wellbeing.

Dr Maree Roche
Senior Lecturer Organisational Psychology
Research interests: positive psychology at work; leadership; Maori leadership models; organisational change and development

Professor Juliet Roper
Professor of Management Communication
Research interests: communication; environment issues; environmental politics; public relations; sustainability.

Professor Ric Scarpa
Professor in Environmental Economics
Research interests: Economics; environmental impacts; environmental resources and planning; environmental economics; food economics, nonmarket valuation.

Professor Frank Scrimgeour
Professor of Environmental Economics
Research interests: agriculture economics; environment economics; regional economics; financial economics.

Associate Professor Anna Strutt
Associate Professor in Economics
Research interests: CGE Modelling; International trade policy reform,  including effects of poverty & the natural environment;
Law and economics; socioeconomic impacts of infrastructure development.

Associate Professor Peter Sun
Director of Community and Enterprise Leadership Foundation
Research interests: leadership; leadership development; high performing teams.