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How to Participate

NZ Business Benchmarking Survey

Accountants in Public Practice can register and begin accessing benchmarking statistics for their clients via the benchmarking software by submitting client data to the survey. The 2016 and earlier statistics are currently available and the 2017 financial year end statistics will be published after the survey is completed and reports generated mid June 2018.

Submitting the minimum number of clients required (based on firm size) by the survey close date will also qualify your practice for a free copy of the results publication. To request survey and registration information, click on the link below and fill in your details or contact the University of Waikato on 07 838 4013.

Click Here to Request a Registration Pack Online

Or complete the following fax form: Info Request - Fax Form

Who can Participate in the Survey? Accountants in public practice can participate in the survey and receive:

  • Electronic access to the most up-to-date benchmarks, in the form of Client Reports
  • Access to participants' info and resources at
  • The annual benchmarking publication (hardbound copy of all classifications reported)

Method of Participation: All accounting software users will be provided with the Waikato Benchmarking online submission and reporting program. The program enables client data to be entered, submitted, saved and updated and it also generates client reports with the most up-to-date industry benchmarks returned electronically from The University of Waikato's secure server.

Business Classifications utilise the ANZSIC structure with Custom Classes added by the University in some industries to provide narrower comparisons. Within this structure, some summary level industry reports are returned where lower level reports are not available.

Data submission targets, aimed at increasing the sample sizes of industry classifications and expanding the array of classifications reported, are set for each participating firm. Firms meeting their targets by March 2018 will receive a copy of the next NZ Business Benchmarking publication published mid June 2018. At that time, the latest benchmarks are also made available electronically for client comparison reports in the software.

Participants can submit client data to The University of Waikato NZ Business Benchmarking Survey throughout the year to create comparison reports incorporating the statistics using the software. Statistics from recent past surveys are also accessible for client comparison reports through the Waikato Benchmarking Program.

Confidentiality of the data is maintained by utilising a coding system. All information is pre-coded by accounting firms prior to being sent to The University of Waikato. Staff view and analyse data based on code number only and have no access to an organisation's name or other identification details.

View our Privacy Statement here.

For more information or if you have any questions about the survey, please contact the NZ Business Benchmarking Unit on 07 838 4013, email .

NZIBR Director

Associate Professor Eva CollinsAssociate Professor Eva Collins
NZIBR Director